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Early Office Museum

Antique Check Signing Machines

Machines Used to Write or Sign Multiple Items Simultaneously, Used Primarily for Signing Checks

1917_Check_Signing_Machine_War_Risk_Bureau_Washington_DC.jpg (131436 bytes) Check Signing Machine, War Risk Bureau, Washington, DC, 1917.  The War Risk Bureau, an agency of the US government, provided marine war risk insurance and soldiers' and sailors' life insurance during World War I.
Pension_Office_check_signing_machine_Washington_DC.jpg (58871 bytes) Check Signing Machine, Pension Bureau, US Department of the Interior, Washington, DC.
1926_Check_Signing_Machine_at_Pension_Bureau.JPG (89951 bytes) Check Signing Machine, Pension Bureau, US Department of the Interior, Washington, DC, 1926.
1918_Check_signing_machine_US_Treasury_Dept.jpg (86715 bytes) Check Signing Machine, US Treasury Department, 1918.
Signograph_used_to_sign_checks_Can_Nat_Railways_Can_Sci__Tech_Museum_CN003891.jpg (55718 bytes) Signograph check signer used at Canadian National Railways.  (Courtesy Canadian Science & Technology Museum. Image CN003891)
1930_Todd_check_signer.jpg (147423 bytes) Todd Check Signer, 1930 ad

Triplicate_dip_pen_writer_for_pawnbroker_tickets_Ponting_London_1.jpg (72602 bytes)
Triplicate_dip_pen_writer_for_pawnbroker_tickets_Ponting_London_3.jpg (83273 bytes)
Machine for writing pawnbroker tickets in triplicate. Invented and manufactured by Edwin T. Ponting, South Woodford, England.

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