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Dupligraph Check Protector made by Angell Manufacturing Co., Boston, MA.  Patented 1907.  Serial Number 849

1907_Dupligraph_from_above.jpg (55103 bytes) 1907_Dupligraph_side_1.jpg (129442 bytes) 1907_Dupligraph_side_2_and_back.jpg (108375 bytes)
1907_Dupligraph_angled_front_name_plate_and_knob.jpg (123697 bytes) 1907_Dupligraph_Mechanism_from_Front.jpg (108923 bytes)
Visible portion of mechanism, viewed from front
1907_Dupligraph_Mechanism_from_Back.jpg (127978 bytes)
Visible portion of mechanism, viewed from rear (with cover removed)


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